Title: "Lightborne" by E. Chapero-Jackson

Description: The eldest family member is on her deathbed. Those surrounding her deal with the situation in different ways. One will try to save her, one will quietly observe, and one will guide her to peace. "Lightborne," a.k.a. "Alumbramiento," is in Spanish with English subtitles.
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Mariví Bilbao (IMDb)

Cristina Plazas (IMDb)

Manolo Solo (IMDb)

Marta Belenguer (IMDb)

Sara Párbole (IMDb)

Directed by
Eduardo Chapero-Jackson (IMDb)

Written by
Eduardo Chapero-Jackson (IMDb)

Executive Producer
Eduardo Chapero-Jackson (IMDb)

Executive Producer
Elsa Díaz Pirinoli (IMDb)

Executive Producer
Pepe Jordana (IMDb)

Executive Producer
Sergio Ródenas (IMDb)

Cinematography by
Juan Carlos Gómez (IMDb)

Original Music by
Pascal Gaigne (IMDb)

Film Editing by
Iván Aledo (IMDb)

Film Editing by
Quique Domínguez (IMDb)

Casting by
Eva Leira (IMDb)

Production Design by
Esther García (IMDb)

Costume Design by
Sandra Molina (IMDb)

Makeup Department
Concha Martí (IMDb)

Sound Department
David Rodríguez (IMDb)

Visual Effects Producer
Miguel Angel Gómez (IMDb)

Digital Artist
Antonio J. Jimenez (IMDb)

Camera Operator
Juanjo Sánchez (IMDb)

Conforming Editor
Marta Velasco (IMDb)

Special thanks to
Simón de Santiago (IMDb)

Special thanks to
Daniel Sánchez Arévalo (IMDb)

Special thanks to
Miguel Ángel Silvestre (IMDb)

Learn more about the film "Lightborne" (a.k.a. "Alumbramiento").
View the full cast & credits on the Internet Movie Database site.
Winner of Best Short Film. Visit the Spanish Film Festival site to learn more.
This film was also featured in the 2008 Palm Springs International Film Festival. Learn more.