Title: Season 3: Mistress of the Web

Description: Fiona has to educate digital journalist Kirsten Noble (Molly Shannon) on how this thing called the Web REALLY works…

Featured Video: Hipster Drug Gang
Featured Video: The Kiss
Featured Video: It Got Better featuring George Takei
Featured Video: Lost Pet
Featured Video: The Conversation featuring Zoe Saldana
Featured Video: Cypher Winery
Featured Video: An Old Flame: 1 of 3
Featured Video: Red Band Trailer with Zooey Deschanel
Featured Video: Internet
Featured Video: Origins
Fiona Wallice
Lisa Kudrow (IMDb)

Kirsten Noble
Molly Shannon (IMDb)

Directed by
Dan Bucatinsky (IMDb)

Story by
Lisa Kudrow (IMDb)

Story by
Don Roos (IMDb)

Story by
Dan Bucatinsky (IMDb)

Jodi Binstock (IMDb)

Director of Photography
Michael Goi A.S.C. (IMDb)

Edited by
David Codron (IMDb)

Production Designer
Lorin Flemming (IMDb)

Music By
Matthew Engst (IMDb)

Costume Designer
Ariyela Wald-Cohain (IMDb)

Graphic Design
Cyrani Ackerman (IMDb)

Executive Producer
Lisa Kudrow (IMDb)

Executive Producer
Dan Bucatinsky (IMDb)

1st Assistant Director
Stephen Harrison (IMDb)

Production Coordinator
Elizabeth Ingram (IMDb)

Assistant Art Director
Gary Barbosa (IMDb)

Set Dresser
Regana Redd

Mario Osuna (IMDb)

Adolphus C. Beal, Jr.

Kirk Vales

"A" Camera Operator
Charles (a.k.a. Chip) Schner (IMDb)

"B" Camera Operator
Michael Stumpf (IMDb)

"A" Camera Assistant
Adam Wilson

"B" Camera Assistant
D. Kathryn Santore (IMDb)

Terry Meadows (IMDb)

Chris Nabers (IMDb)

Key Grip
Julian Lopez (IMDb)

Key Grip
Michael Orr (IMDb)

Chris Cotterman (IMDb)

Matthew Calonica (IMDb)

Key Make-up
Robin Siegel (IMDb)

Key Hair
Luke O'Connor (IMDb)

Script Supervisor
Gabriella Poli (IMDb)

Donald Zenz (IMDb)

Boom Operator
Jeffory Haddad (IMDb)

Assistant Editor
Colby Enders (IMDb)

Key Costumer
Hylee N. Phillips

Craft Services PA
Monique McCarthy (IMDb)

Production Assistant
Ariel Webley

Production Assistant
Brianne Webley

Production Assistant
Yang Miller (IMDb)

Production Assistant
Jessica Cabot

Executive Assistant
Kyle McNally (IMDb)

Assistant to Ms. Kudrow
Allison Belanger (IMDb)

Assistant to Mr. Roos
Amy Flemming

Behind the Scenes E.M.P.
Josh Oreck (IMDb)

Behind the Scenes E.M.P.
Paul Fenkar

Still Photographer
Susan Landau (IMDb)

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