Title: Season 4: The Royal Treatment

Description: When Fiona's new client, Gemma Pankhurst-Jones (NATASHA BEDINGFIELD) calls from Buckingham Palace, where she works as a ''proxy'' for the royal family, Fiona concludes this is therapy by proxy - and the new royal marriage is in trouble.

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Fiona Wallice
Lisa Kudrow (IMDb)

Gemma Pankhurst-Jones
Natasha Bedingfield (IMDb)

Don Roos (IMDb)

Story by
Don Roos (IMDb)

Story by
Lisa Kudrow (IMDb)

Story by
Dan Bucatinsky (IMDb)

Executive Producer
Lisa Kudrow (IMDb)

Executive Producer
Dan Bucatinsky (IMDb)

Executive Producer
Ron Qurashi (IMDb)

Executive Producer
Diane Charles (IMDb)

Co-Executive Producer/UPM
Jodi Binstock (IMDb)

Co-Executive Producer
David Codron (IMDb)

Director of Photography
Michael Goi A.S.C (IMDb)

Edited by
David Codron (IMDb)

Music by
Matthew Engst (IMDb)

Costume Designer
Ariyela Wald-Cohain (IMDb)

Production Designer
Lorin Flemming (IMDb)

Graphic Design
2Hemispheres (IMDb)

Graphic Design
Cyrani Ackerman (IMDb)

1st Assistant Director
Stephen Harrison (IMDb)

Sound Mixer
Donald Zenz (IMDb)

Production Coordinator
Steve Graham

Associate Producer
Kyle McNally (IMDb)

Art Director
Gary Barbosa (IMDb)

Assistant Art Director
Enrique Biengolea (IMDb)

Mario Osuna (IMDb)

Ashton Trujillo (IMDb)

Set Dresser
Sean Grimes (IMDb)

Set Dresser
Jan Ascanio (IMDb)

Set Dresser
Kyle Kalama (IMDb)

''A'' Camera Operator
Charles Schner (IMDb)

''B'' Camera Operator
James Reid (IMDb)

''A'' Assistant Camera
Adam Wilson (IMDb)

''B'' Assistant Camera
Vesselka Kazachka (IMDb)

John Magallon (IMDb)

Data Wrangler
Alex Paul

Derek Santoro (IMDb)

Electric Lamp Operator
Kai Kim (IMDb)

Key Grip
Kenny King (IMDb)

Dean King (IMDb)

David Hadsell (IMDb)

Key Make-up
Patty Bunch (IMDb)

Key Hair
Melissa Malkasian

Script Supervisor
Denise Eldridge (IMDb)

Asst. Editor
Colby Enders (IMDb)

Behind the Scenes
Josh Oreck (IMDb)

Assistant to Ms. Kudrow
Allison Belanger (IMDb)

Assistant to Mr. Roos
Amy Flemming (IMDb)

Production Assistant
Derek Bevil

Production Assistant
Rebecca Jauregui (IMDb)

Production Assistant
Lauren Sparrow (IMDb)

Production Assistant
Alison Marek (IMDb)

Production Assistant
Mitch O'Connor

Still Photographer
Susan Landau

Key Costumer
Hylee N. Phillips (IMDb)

Assistant Costumer
Sahar Halabi (IMDb)

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